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The Vastness of Russia

The Vastness of Russia



The Vastness of Russia

The year is 1764. Lured by the invitation of Tsarina Catherine and the promises of her recruiters, thousands of poor craftsmen, the persecuted and soldiers of fortune are moving into the vastness of the Russian steppe in order to build a new, better life for themselves there. Among them were Einhard von Ribe - a descendant of an old Viking clan - and Walburga, a young thief who narrowly escaped the gallows... According to its background story, the map is a real strategic settler classic: barren land, a not so easy ascent of the two heroes, who have many adventures together, have to solve tricky tasks, fight their way through and finally to fame, fortune and a well-deserved happy ending come. About the map: This map is - as you know - our siedelwood birthday map and therefore a joint production: The story is by Tina, the landscape is by Cassandra, the programming and design of the map by me. (Thank you both for choosing me as your mapper, it was an honor and a great pleasure) And not to forget: Our excellent test team, who really did a great job. The map is not very short... And now it only remains for me to wish you a lot of playing fun with it, Your Barbara As always, I'm looking forward to your feedback ... whether praise, criticism, information about your playing style and playing time ..... all of this is welcome, makes me happy and helps me further.

Tipps für Spieler

In the beginning you should - in addition to fulfilling the tasks - explore the area thoroughly and build up the city quickly so that you can make money as quickly as possible. Read the text carefully, of course, as always... And save different saves: You never know... Please report any problems here: You'll get help quickly... I promise.
S6/RdO - Reich des Ostens
Single Player
4 MB
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