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The Cathedral of Siena

The Cathedral of Siena



The Cathedral of Siena

Italy in 1255 --- the provinces of Florence and Siena are fighting fiercely for supremacy in Tuscany. The Roman woman Alandra Caterina actually just wants to visit her uncle Paolo in Siena. But then everything turns out very differently... Help our heroine Alandra bring Siena to wealth and prosperity and build the most magnificent Duomo the world has ever seen, much more beautiful than the Duomo of Florence --- against all odds. Dear players, The idea for this map came up during my last vacation in summer 2013 in Tuscany. I was and still am fascinated by this beautiful area, the great city of Florence and its suburb of Prato, where the fine fabrics of Florence used to be woven and dyed. And especially from the city of Siena, which has largely preserved its medieval core to this day and hosts its famous horse tournament, the "Palio", every year. In addition San Gimignano, the city of the 11 towers and Volterra, where the most recent vampire films were filmed and and and .... And so my new map is a homage to this wonderful country ... I hope I'm doing it some justice become. Your Barbara

Tipps für Spieler

For this map you need skill in city building, an eye for the wonderful landscape and its possibilities and a feeling for the right decisions at the right time. The map isn't difficult... but it's worth thinking about what to do with the initially scarce resources in order to gain fame and glory faster. As always: read texts thoroughly, take storage tips seriously and also save occasionally. And now: have fun playing. The map is relatively large, so if your computer is not that powerful and you have memory problems, you should adjust the size of your virtual memory (swap file). There were no problems during the test, but you never know.....


As usual a lot thanks to our excellent team of testers.
S6/RdO - Reich des Ostens
Single Player
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